EuroPython 2017

Ansible 2 done right

Speaker(s) Roberto Polli

After a quick Ansible roadshow, students will be guided to reach the following goals:


  • learn Ansible architecture
  • describe delivery layout in ansible.cfg
  • static and dynamic inventories (openstack / digitalocean example if internet connection available)
  • store passwords in encrypted vaults
  • run ansible using vaults secrets
  • using bastion hosts and other ssh_opts
  • writing basic playbooks, test driven deployment
  • avoid typical yaml pitfalls
  • using group variables and roles
  • ansible galaxy as a role repository

Bonus Tracks

  • testing roles with molecule (presentation only)
  • writing ansible modules


The training is interactive, jupyter notebooks and a Docker image will be provided. Students will be driven performing the exercises and sharing their results. A couple of volunteers will be prepared to support the students.


The training is based on Docker images, so before the training, eveybody must setup:

  • Docker 1.10 + for Linux x64 (on Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Download the images (links will be available here)

Further instructions on github when the training will be completed. Feel free to contact me for any issue or question!

in on Wednesday 12 July at 14:00 See schedule

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