EuroPython 2017

EuroPython 2017 Keynotes

We are proud to present several interesting keynotes at this year's EuroPython:

The Different Roads We Take by Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn

Tracy will talk about the idea of the “Python engineer,” her (long and full of bumps and potholes) journey to learning and teaching Python, and the harmful myths about learning programming and the paths available when you do so.

How to create inspiring data visualizations? by Jan Willem Tulp

Jan Willem Tulp

Jan Willem will talk about the challenges to make visualizations go beyond just showing statistics, explaining how you can create inspiring and engaging ways of presenting numbers.

A Python for Future Generations by Armin Ronacher

Armin Rohnacher

Armin will present a journey through the CPython interpreter and showcase ways of making it more future proof, based on his experience with the Rust and JavaScript ecosystems.

If Ethics is not None by Katharine Jarmul


Katharine will explore the history of ethics in computing, touching on the early days of computers in warfare and science, leading up to ethical issues today such as Artificial Intelligence and privacy regulation.

The Encounter: Python’s Adventures in Africa by Aisha Bello Daniele Procida

aisha.jpeg Daniele.JPG

A genuine encounter changes both parties. In this talk Daniele and Aisha will report on the dialogue opened up by recent PyCons and other Python events in Africa. They’ll discuss Python’s impact in countries including Namibia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and what open-source software means for Africa at large - and what the encounter means for Python too.