EuroPython 2017

Sponsor Options

In addition to our Regular Sponsorship Packages, we offer these options as extras or stand-alone sponsor options.

Special Events Sponsoring / Additional Options

  • Sponsored Talk
  • Sponsored business poster
  • Table in recruiting session
  • Mobile guide sponsor
  • Social event / party
  • Socializing event sponsor
  • Financial aid donation 1K
  • Sprints/Openspace/Barcamp sponsor
  • Live subtitle sponsor
  • Coffee break sponsor
  • Sprints coffee break sponsors
  • Room sponsor (~200 seats)
  • Room sponsor (~100 seats)
  • Lanyard sponsor
  • Bag sponsor
  • Water sponsor
  • Guggenheim guided tour sponsor
  • Boat trip sponsor
  • Boat trip w/ pintxos sponsor

Lounge event options

These are our lounge events. They can be booked subject to availability.

  • 2 table football tables in lounge area
  • Green goods (fruit baskets) every day
  • Wheel of fortune with merchandising prizes for 1 day
  • Retro arcade area (Neo Geo, SNES, Sega...) in the lounge area
  • Gourmet coffee stall for 1 day
  • Ice cream stall for 1 day
  • Popcorn stall for 1 day
  • Laser Tag session (1.5 hours)
  • Karaoke night

We can also arrange custom events such as parties, contests, etc.

Please see our brochure for details and pricing, or contact us for details.