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Where to eat

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When staying in Rimini, you must at least try one Ice Cream, one Piadina and off course the always tasty Italian Cuisine. There are so many great places to eat that it’s useless to trying to list them here. So take this humble list just as a starter point to immerse yourself in the great food Rimini has to offer.

Gelateria il Castello

€ - Icecream
11, Piazza Cavour, 47922, Rimini, Italy

Gelateria il Castello, for the preparation of their ice cream uses the freshest and selected raw materials available in the market, making use of some products such as Slow Food: Mananara Vanilla from Madagascar, honey Flora Alpina, the Coffee from Huehuetenango Lands. These raw materials are processed with blade emulsifiers, in order to obtain an ice cream whose taste, texture and structure is the maximum expression of the products used. The homemade ice cream is a fresh food and as such should be preserved and eaten within a few hours from production for this we are committed to whisk several times in a day. The moment rests before the sale, is stored in a bench-well, old method, but still present.

Piada e Cassone Le Papere

€ - Piadina
Via Pasquale Boninsegni 40/47922, 47923, Rimini, Italy

Le Papere is an artisan family-run business. We are specialised in piada and cassoni, and have been open for ten years. We want our customers to enjoy genuine and natural food. We try our hardest to use raw materials that come from the area, as close to Rimini as possible. We do not use ready-made materials or products of any sort. All our raw materials are bought and cooked within 36 hours. This way, we aim to deliver good-quality products.
"We respect history, we admire the past and we let our imagination run free. We are open 7 days a week, always with a smile on our face".

Ristorante La Mi Mama

€€-€€€ - Italian, Vegetarian Friendly
Via Luigi Poletti, 32, 47923 Rimini RN, Italia

La Mi Mama, in the heart of the historic center of Rimini, is the ideal landing place where the traditional and famous Romagna piadina and homemade pastry, are still drawn by hand. A feast of delights and pleasures that stimulate all the senses, with the selected menu after a careful and detailed study of the typical local cuisine. The most traditional raw materials are mixed as the most sophisticated, creating dishes of meat and fish according to tradition, innovation and originality.

Osteria de Borg

€€-€€€ - Italian cousine
Via Forzieri 12, 47921, Rimini, Italy

The first Rimini Osteria. Offers the typical dishes such as salami Mora Romagnola, the first courses to the rolling pin and the famous pastries, together with some local products such as meat of Val Marecchia and raw milk cheese of the Buon Pastore di Montefiore Conca, accompanied by fruit compotes and vegetables homemade.
At 23 years since its inauguration in December 2012, the Osteria de Borg image changes and furnishings to accommodate over traditional land kitchen, pizza baked in a wood oven.
The homemade pasta, piadina, cakes have always been of the local treats. The Osteria respects local traditions, both at the table and furnishings.