EuroPython 2017

EuroPython 2017 Team

EuroPython is organized by the EuroPython Workgroups (WGs), reporting directly to the EuroPython Society Board. This page will list all the workgroups and their members to highlight their involvement with the EuroPython 2017 conference.

Speaking of involvement: We can always use more help. If you’re interested, please go to the EuroPython Workgroups (WGs) page and follow the instructions there to get signed up. Many thanks !


These two people managed and lead the EuroPython 2017 production:

  • Christian Barra (Conference Chair)
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg (EuroPython Society Chair)

On-site Team WG

One of the workgroups, the on-site team workgroup, is especially important, since they provide the services and management on-site in Rimini, as well as in the case of EuroPython 2017, also take on a major role in the financial and legal infrastructure of the conference organization.

This team is your contact in case you have questions related to on-site setups.

  • Christian Barra (Chair)
  • Matteo Benci

Conference Administration WG

Manages and organizes the administration side of the conference, in particular: contracts, venue contact, ticket support, satellite conferences, legal support, insurance, licensing.

  • Marc-Andre Lemburg (Chair)
  • Matteo Benci
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee
  • Stéphane Wirtel

Finance WG

Manages and organizes the finances and budget of the conference, in particular: budget, controlling, accounting, billing, invoicing, taxes, payment system administration.

  • Borja Ayerdi Vilches (Chair, EPS Treasurer)
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Anthon van der Neut (EPS Treasurer)
  • Matteo Benci
  • Christian Barra
  • Anders Hammarquist

Sponsors WG

Manages and organizes the sponsor activities of the conference, in particular: sponsor contacts, sponsor logistics, room/booth assignment, recruiting session, jobs fair, exhibit hall, startup row.

  • Fabio Pilger (Chair)
  • Alexandre Manhães Savio
  • Ricardo Manhães Savii
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Silvia Uberti
  • Jiří Nečas

Communications WG

Manages and organizes the public communication and community relations of the conference, in particular: press, community relations, diversity/outreach/CoC, CoC contact, announcements, social media, attendee tools,  volunteer coordination, mailing lists, Trello and Loomio groups.

  • Marc-Andre Lemburg (Chair)
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Valeria Pettorino
  • Alexander Hendorf
  • Leire Ozaeta
  • Gilberto Gonçalves
  • Manuel Schipper

Support WG

Manages and organizes the attendee/speaker support of the conference, in particular: helpdesk, attendee support contact, visa help, travel management.

  • Gilberto Gonçalves (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Christian Barra
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Aidis Stukas

Financial Aid WG

Manages and organizes the financial aid program of the conference, in particular: setup, grant selection, aid organisation.

  • Darya Chyzhyk (Chair)
  • Christian Barra
  • Leire Ozaeta

Marketing/Design WG

Create and manage marketing and design aspects of the conference, in particular: brochures, advertisements, banners, flyers, travel guide, t-shirts, lanyards, badges, panels, logo.

  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Christian Barra

Program WG

Manages and organizes the conference program of the conference, in particular: talk selection/voting, scheduling, session chairs, sprint/openspace/keynote/lightning talks/poster session organization.

  • Alexander Hendorf  (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio (Chair)
  • Christian Barra
  • Dougal Matthews
  • Manuel Schipper
  • Valeria Pettorino
  • Valerio Maggio

Web WG

Manages and organizes the web site, in particular: web site support, helpdesk ticket system, administration, backups, payment system integration, hosting.

  • Christian Barra
  • Gilberto Gonçalves
  • Patrick Guido (Chair)
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Stéphane Wirtel

Media WG

Manage and organize the talk and session recordings of the conference, in particular: video recording, live streaming, uploads to YouTube and

  • Anthon van der Neut (Chair)

Code of Conduct WG

Manage and organize the code of conduct (CoC) workflows, create CoC documents, provide CoC contacts and handle CoC requests.

  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Anthon van der Neut
  • Leire Ozaeta

On-Site Volunteers

In addition to several of the EuroPython Workgroup members, we usually get quite a few attendees helping us as Beginners' Day or DjangoGirls trainers, session manager, room manager, at the registration desk, bag stuffing and during set up and tear down of the conference.

The following people helped on-site with EuroPython 2017:

  • Adam Collard
  • Aisha Bello
  • Alejandro Solano
  • Ales Zoulek
  • Alexander Hendorf
  • Amanuel Ghebreweldi
  • Amit Nabarro
  • Anand Chitipothu
  • Anders Lehmann
  • Anna Ravenscroft
  • Bastian Reitemeier
  • Bogdan Virtosu
  • Christian Trebing
  • Cleber Rocco
  • David Caro
  • Dougal Matthews
  • Ewa Jodlowska
  • Floris Bruynooghe
  • Francesco Pierfederici
  • François Beerten
  • Gabriela Mejia
  • Gaby Mejía
  • Gil Gonçalves
  • Ilian Iliev
  • Ilissa Blech
  • Izarra
  • Jacques Dafflon
  • Jasper Spaans
  • Jens Beyer
  • Johannes Eckstein
  • Juan Manuel Santos
  • Kristian Rother
  • Lasse Schuirmann
  • Magdalena Rother
  • Marc Garcia
  • Mario Thiel
  • Mark Smith
  • Martin Borus
  • Martin Christen
  • Martin Kopec
  • Martin Teich
  • Maximilian Scholz
  • Michal Bultrowicz
  • Mihai Iachimovschi
  • Mike Müller
  • Miroslav Šedivý
  • Mohamed Nabil Hafez
  • Pav Andriychenko
  • Pavel Savchenko
  • Pawel Lewtak
  • Peter Hoffmann
  • Petr Viktorin
  • Radu Ciorba
  • Raphael Pierzina
  • Reimar Bauer
  • Roberto Polli
  • Robin Roth
  • Saurav Singh
  • Sebastian Neubauer
  • Stefania Delprete
  • Stéphane Wirtel
  • Steven Van den Berghe
  • Thomas Kluyver
  • Valeria Pettorino
  • Zoltán Szeredi

Many thanks to everyone who helped !