EuroPython 2017

Plone: where is it today and where is it going

Speaker(s) Alessandro Pisa

Plone CMS, first released in 2001, is now close to its 5.1 version.

Did you know that the 2016 Olympics web site was built with Plone? Did you know that many huge organizations that care about data protection use Plone?

There are good reason why Plone is such a successful Python project, but probably the most important is that Plone does take into account the security of your data very seriously.

Nowadays, information and data play a crucial role, sometimes they are the more important asset of a company. They have to be in a digital form and accessible from every device, it is no surprise that they are exposed to a growing threat.

During the talk I will review Plone built in security protection systems. In addition I will review some of its features, like the ability to create, without writing a line of code, custom content types, to change documents workflows, to organize your documents in a snap.

I will also talk about the foreseen new features that will be soon in Plone and I will present Castle CMS and Quaive, some important projects built on top of Plone that are currently under the spotlight.

There is also a teaser video.

in on Friday 14 July at 11:20 See schedule


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    Slides available here:

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    Shortened slides link:

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    Here the link about this great talk

    Thanks Plonistas!
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