EuroPython 2017

PostgreSQL - The Database for Industry 4.0 and IOT

Speaker(s) Harald Armin Massa

Industry 4.0 - the current trend to make more use of data technology and analysis in manufactring.

IOT - The Internet of Things, where many “things” currently just loosing their information will transfer and store them within central systems. There are aspects of those trends most do agree on: There will be orders of magnitude more data to store and analyze. More agents will need to connect and interact with databases. This talk will explore what makes PostgreSQL an excellent candidate to be the database for managing all that data. Strengths in development, culture and community, extensibility and robustnest will be presented. Selected features of current Version 9.6 and the soon-to-be-released PostgreSQL Version 10 will be discussed for their value in those trends. There will be an explanation of their technical realisation, and special pointers how to use those features from PostgreSQL.

in on Wednesday 12 July at 11:20 See schedule

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