EuroPython 2017

You need more security in your application packaging

Speaker(s) Juan Manuel Santos

There are as many different ways to package an application as there are programming or scripting languages. No one tool or library is in itself better than another; however when security comes into the picture, there is definitely a pattern between ease of installation and how secure the delivered application is. As more work is put into packaging the application, more measures can be taken in order to ensure its integrity and prevent security issues.

This talk will cover: - The roles involved in the lifecycle of an application, from the start of the development process until it reaches the end user and it is actually used. - The inherent problems in this subject, regarding installation and security, as well as how they are related. - The different ways of packaging an application in order to deliver it to an end user, focused on a Python perspective.

After the talk, attendees will have a better grasp on which is the best way for them to package and deliver their application according to their environment and target audience. They will also learn about the upgrade path to switch from one delivery method to another, should they need or want to.

For this talk, it is desired that attendees have some general systems knowledge. Even though the talk will be focused on Python applications, some knowledge of information security is desired.

in on Tuesday 11 July at 14:00 See schedule

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