EuroPython 2017

EuroPython 2017 Conference App

For EuroPython 2017, we have again created a dedicated mobile app to support your conference experience.

Stay up to date with the conference app

We'd like to make use of the app to keep you updated by sending regular updates of the schedule, inform you of important announcements via push notifications and help you engage with your fellow attendees via the built-in activity stream "EuroPython Pulse":



Please note that you have to create a new profile account within the app.
The app accounts and the account on our website are not connected,
so the website password will not work to register in the conference app.
This is due to the fact that we cannot integrate our website with the
mobile app vendors backend system.

To make things easier for you, we have copied the profile account data from the EP2016 to this year's app. If you enter the email address you used last year, you should get most of the profile readily set up for you in the EP2017 app as well. Some details such as the profile image could not be ported over.

Install the EuroPython 2017 mobile app

The app is available under name "EuroPython 2017" in the iOS and Android app stores:

EuroPython 2017 Mobile App

For other mobile platforms, we have a similar web application available. Simply point your browser to the following link:

EuroPython 2017 Mobile App

Please note that the web app only offers a subset of the features of the native apps.

Engage with the conference and other attendees

The mobile app gives you access to the conference schedule (even offline), helps you in planing your conference experience and provides a rich social engagement platform for all attendees.



You can create a profile within the app (or link this to your existing social accounts), share messages and photos, and easily reach out to other fellow attendees.

Create your personal schedule

The app allows setting up your own personal schedule and even provides reminders on your phone before the sessions start.

In order to use this feature, you have to go to the "Schedule" in the app and click on the stars next to the sessions. You can then enter the reminder notice period.


Provide feedback on sessions

The app allows providing feedback on the sessions we have in the schedule by rating them using a star rating and an optional review text.


These ratings will help us when organizing future events, so we would like to encourage you making use of them. Thanks !

How to use the apps

Our app is based on the Attendify platform. These are a few resources we have available to help you navigate and use the app:

  • Quick intro to the app (with links to feature documentation)
  • Create a profile in the app: to create a profile, you have to sign up inside the app using email and password. The app will save these details for you, so you only have to enter these once. The profile can then be linked to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ as you see fit and cross post your messages to these linked accounts.
  • Create your personal schedule (with reminders)
  • Message other attendees in private
  • Taking notes and exporting these
  • Rate speakers and sessions, provide feedback & comments
  • Tips for using the app (activity stream, private messages, bookmarks and alerts)
  • PDF explaining the app using screenshots (creation of profile, create personal schedule, post messages, rate and reviews sessions, add favorites and notes, access push notifications, reset password)


Nice features

  • Full up-to-date schedule
  • Create your personal schedule with reminders
  • Instant notifications about important conference updates
  • Maps of the venues and the room layout
  • Socialize with other attendees using the "EuroPython Pulse" (send messages, photos, etc.)
  • In-app access to the EuroPython 2017 website
  • Sponsor listings
  • Speaker listings
  • Watch Twitter updates and tweet right from within the app
  • Contact other attendees directly from within the app
  • Useful information (Contacts, CoC, FAQ, City Infos, etc.)
  • Offline use (for the native apps)