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You can pay using Stripe (credit card) or Paypal. Unless otherwise mentioned, all prices include 22% Italian VAT. Tickets are invoiced by the Python Italia APS.

Please note that we are currently experiencing a problem with the invoice email generator. We have switched to our HTML invoice generator, so that you can download invoices from your account (check under "Orders, invoices and coupons").


Ticket sales plan

Tickets for EuroPython will be sold in three phases, with increasing prices closer to the event:

  • Early-Bird Rate: We will have 200 very cheap tickets available when we open up ticket sales. They offer an up to 50% discount over the standard rate and are usually sold out within a few days.
  • Standard Rate: Normal rate tickets will be available shortly after the early-bird sales have ended and commence until either the conference sells out or a few weeks before the event.
  • On-Desk Rate: Close to the conference, we will switch to on-desk ticket rates, if we still have tickets left.

Ticket types

Regular Full Conference Passes

We will have the following three categories of ticket prices for the full conference tickets (all 8 days):

  • Student full ticket: EUR 130.00 incl. 22% VAT
    (only available for pupils, students and postdoctoral researchers; please bring your student card or declaration from University, stating your affiliation, starting and end dates of your contract)
  • Personal full ticket: EUR 375.00 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people enjoying Python from home)
  • Business full ticket: EUR 555.00 excl. VAT, EUR 677.10 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people using Python to make a living)

We would like to encourage you to pick a ticket types that reasonably fits your personal situation. If a company is paying for your ticket and you need a proper VAT receipt (the personal tickets do not include a company name), please buy a business ticket. If you are using Python as a hobby or as freelancer and don't need a VAT receipt, the personal ticket is for you. Finally, if you are a student/postdoc researcher working in academia, we have the highly subsidized student ticket for you.

If you would like to support EuroPython, please consider getting a higher priced ticket. We assure you that your contribution will be put to good use. Thank you!

On-Desk Day Passes

To make things more affordable especially for students/postdocs and other people who want to attend only a single day, we have day passes. These are valid for one day of the 8 conference days (valid for the day when they are purchased):

Prices will be announced when we open on-desk ticket sales
about one month before the event.

  • Student conference day pass: EUR xx.00 (only available for students and postdoctoral researchers; please bring your student card or declaration from University, stating your affiliation, starting and end dates of your contract.)
  • Personal conference day pass: EUR xxx.00 (for people enjoying Python from home)
  • Business conference day pass: EUR xxx.00

If you have questions about our ticket prices, the process, etc. please check our FAQ document for answers. If you still have questions, please consult our EuroPython Helpdesk.


You will also be able to order tickets for extra events, which are not included in the conference ticket price:

  • EuroPython Social Event: EUR (average dinner price) per person

Refund policy

The conference ticket is fully refundable except for our administrative (bank, online payments services, etc) costs until June 8th 24:00 CEST.

Refunds are no longer possible after that date, no exceptions, sorry.

In case you wish to cancel your ticket, please provide us with your bank details so we can issues the refunds by sending the details to our email address.

Please note that we will processing refunds mostly after the conference, since we will be too busy with other things before and during the conference.

The price of the ticket includes:

More than 150 talks, exciting keynotes, interesting tutorials, beginner workshops

Sprints, hallway sessions, meetings with friends are all included for free :-)

A chance to vote the talks to choose your own schedule

By registering before the end of the voting process, you'll have the chance to vote the submitted abstracts and give your contribution to the final schedule of the conference. Register now to be able to vote!

Lunch & Coffee Breaks

One buffet lunch and two coffee breaks per day are offered during the conference.

Please note that we won't be serving breakfast.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity is available during all conference days. You'll be able to use it with your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices.

Recruiting Session

There will be a special recruiting session for people looking for a new job. Easily get into contact with one of the conference sponsors. Many of them are hiring and would love to talk to you.

T-Shirts, Gadgets & Prizes

Every full conference participant will receive the official conference T-shirt (we have multiple sizes available) and some gadgets offered by our sponsors.

The price of the ticket does NOT include the social event!

Social event ticket sales will open closer to the event.
Please watch
our blog for announcements.

If you want to come to the social event, you will need to buy a social event ticket. We'll only have a limited number of tickets available, so please book them early.