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Anna Ravenscroft

Anna Ravenscroft
Freerange Pythonista
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Diversity, Beginners, Python general, Open-Source, Community
Sillycon Valley
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Anna Martelli Ravenscroft is an experienced speaker and trainer, with a background developing curricula for a wide range of topics, from church, to regional transit, to disaster preparedness; developing web applications for therapy, learning, and fitness; and writing and reviewing technical books, articles, and presentations. While not a professional programmer, Anna is a Python enthusiast, and an active member of the Open Source community: she's a PSF Fellow, and winner of the 2013 Frank Willison Memorial Award for contributions to the Python community. Anna co-authored the 2nd edition of the Python Cookbook. Anna lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Alex, two dogs, one cat, and eight chickens.

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