EuroPython 2017

Burak Goynuk

Burak Goynuk
Job title
Senior Software Engineer
Compact biography

Burak Goynuk is a meticulous, ambitious, quality and solution oriented software engineer. He met with open source, and Embedded Linux community during his junior year at university, and enjoyed a lot in this area for 2 years. After graduated, he moved Udemy, where he learnt lots of things. He is working for Udemy's payment team in order to have a reliable international payment, and payout flow with 12 currencies and lots of payment methods.

He likes coding, reviewing, and dealing with design and scalability problems. He met with Python 7 years ago, but he is using Python/Django in profession for 2 years. He attended EuroPython 2016, enjoyed a lot, and realised power of the community. This year, he wants to contribute to the community, and EuroPython with giving a talk.

Burak Goynuk’s Talks