EuroPython 2017

Deep Kayal

Deep Kayal
Power to the Data! :)
Technical interests
Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Machine-Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Elsevier B.V.
Job title
Machine Learning Engineer
Compact biography

I am a machine learning and analytics professional with many years of relevant work experience in data analytics, algorithm development and overall product development.

I have worked for both startups and enterprises, and have been involved in a wide variety of projects. I'm familiar with both the engineering concepts related to analytics, namely SQL (MySQL) and NoSQL databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, HBase), big data concepts (Hadoop Map-Reduce, Spark), as well as knowledge of various machine learning and data mining algorithms (Regressions, Support Vector Machines, Tree based algorithms, Neural Networks, Ensembling, Recommendation algorithms, Frequent pattern mining). I am used to coding in Java, Scala, Python, and R, and to an extent C++, and familiar with version control systems like git/github and svn.

Besides my professional background, I have an MSc degree in Machine Learning from Finland, while publishing 7 research papers and applying for a (accepted) US patent.