EuroPython 2017

Francisco Javier Conejero Bañón

Francisco Javier Conejero Bañón
Technical interests
Big Data, Programming, Distributed Systems, python, Jupyter/iPython
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Job title
Senior Researcher
Compact biography

Javier Conejero holds a Ph.D. in Advanced Computer Technologies (October 2014) from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). He focused his research in the QoS improvement within distributed environments, such as Grids and Clouds, through the use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). He also received his B.E. and M.E. in Computer Science from the UCLM. During his education he worked at CERN for one year into WLCG software development and management. Moreover, he also performed a research stay at Cardiff University (UK).

More recently, he has been actively supervising various final degree and master thesis projects focused on big data and distributed computing and he also worked as assistant professor at UCLM during the first half of 2014. In April 2015, he joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as Senior Researcher, focused on the PyCOMPSs development and evolution and participating in The Human Brain Project, NextGenIO and MUltiscale complex Genomics projects.

His current research interests are QoS, development paradigms, parallel and distributed computation, Python, HPC and Cloud computing.

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