EuroPython 2017

Giulio Calacoci

Giulio Calacoci
Master exploder and Recovery expert
Technical interests
Python 3, Databases, Internet of Things, Python 2, Community
Italy, Prato
Job title
Developer and Disaster Recovery expert
Compact biography

Passionate since childhood about technology and naturally curious, Giulio took his first steps in the world of computer science on his own. His career as a programmer took a sharp turn when he finished high school and joined the faculty of computer science at the University of Florence.

There, he discovered Linux and the Open Source world. With the continuous study and increasing knowledge of programming, he began to study the first web frameworks written in Java choosing, whenever possible, to use PostgreSQL as database.

He initially started working as a web designer / PHP programmer, and later as a frontend/backend developer. Giulio began to work for 2ndQuadrant Italia in 2011 developing Python applications to support migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL and is part of the Barman development team.

Giulio lives in Prato and when he is not behind his keyboard writing code he loves to cook, listen to music and play as a DJ.

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