EuroPython 2017

Jona Azizaj

Jona Azizaj
Technical interests
Open-Source, Linux, Community
Open Labs
Job title
Fedora Ambassador and Open Labs Board Member
Compact biography

I am Jona, a third-year student of Business Informatics at University of Tirana, Albania. I am a member of Open Labs Hackerspace where I am involved in many open source projects that we promote, such as GNU/Linux, LibreOffice, Mozilla, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc. I am also a co-organiser of Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL). I am also part of the Fedora Project and I am a Fedora Ambassador in Albania. I have organized different events at my university regarding Python and worked on different Python programming projects like event analytics to understand the impact of events on the community.

Jona Azizaj’s Talks