EuroPython 2017

Sahil Dua

Sahil Dua
Software Developer at in Deep Learning; Open Source Contributor @ Google, DuckDuckGo, GitHub, Mozilla & Pandas
Technical interests
Natural Language Processing, Go-Lang, Open-Source, Scientific Libraries (Numpy/Pandas/SciKit/...), Deep Learning
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Job title
Software Developer
Compact biography

A passionate open source contributor, Sahil is a core contributor and community leader for DuckDuckGo's open source organization. He weaves the magic in his code with Python, Go, C++, Perl, C, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript. Having mastered these languages all by himself, through self projects and open source contributions, he knows what it takes to not just write code but write code that is readable, efficient and maintainable.

Sahil is a Software Developer at in Amsterdam. His current adventure involves leveraging infrastructure to help’s internal teams in taking advantage of deep learning techniques at scale.

Before joining, he worked with more than 4 startups and also co-founded one back in India. He loves sharing his knowledge and learnings from his adventures in open source. He has been speaking extensively at public conferences like Fosdem Brussels, MobCon Europe, PyCon France & Germany, etc.