EuroPython 2017

Sebastian Witowski

Sebastian Witowski
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Software Engineer
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During the day, I'm just a software developer. During the night, well, I'm still a software developer, but it's just darker outside :) Since 5 years I've been working at CERN. Officially - as a software developer, but as many of us - software developers - I ended up being someone you could call a full-stack DevOps. I have helped launching the e-publishing platform at CERN as a lead developer. Now, I'm working on the biggest digital library at CERN - CERN Document Server. I'm using Python for most of my work, but I also enjoy learning new programming languages. Except Java. No, just kidding, I'm open minded about all the programming languages. Except Java. Supervising other people is part of my job, so I realize how important is to learn and teach new stuff. I'm trying to share my knowledge and love of Python with others at various conference.

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