EuroPython 2017

Simmi Mourya

Simmi Mourya
Back-prop ninja
Technical interests
Cython, Deep Learning, Open-Source, Scientific Libraries (Numpy/Pandas/SciKit/...), Machine-Learning
New Delhi, India
Pitney Bowes
Job title
Data Scientist Intern
Compact biography

Simmi Mourya is on a mission to promote the Python programming language to facilitate the growth of a diverse community of Python Ninjas. She is a data scientist intern at Pitney Bowes. Her interest lies in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. She is about to finish Udacity's Artificial Intelligence Nano-degree. She has a good amount of experience in Cython programming language because of her contributions to Cyvlfeat, a Cython/Python wrapper for famous Computer Vision library named VLFeat. Find it here: She has a lot of speaking experience. She's an active speaker at Women Tech Makers Delhi, India. Previously, she has presented at Fossasia Open Tech Summit, Singapore. She is a past Google Summer of Code scholar. She has also provided mentoring support for Google Code-In 2016. You can find her stargazing almost every night! She loves photography and singing. She makes the best pasta!

Simmi Mourya’s Talks