EuroPython 2017

2D and 3D Game Development with Python

Speaker(s) Martin Christen

In this 3-hours training, we learn how to create 2D games in Python using pygame and other modules and how to create 3D games using OpenGL (with an outlook to the Vulkan API). We start creating a simple 2D breakout game and then go on to 3D and then we create a simple Pong-like game in 3D.

This is an extended version of the workshop I gave at the PythonCamp 2017 in Cologne.

At the end, you know the basics about game programming, 2D-graphics, 3D-graphics, sound, music and are ready to create your first 2D or even 3D game using Python.

Bring your own device: this tutorial works best for Linux and Windows. Macs are probably supported too.

in on Tuesday 11 July at 10:15 See schedule

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