EuroPython 2017

Asynchronous Programming With Python

This tutorial looks at asynchronous programming with Python and how it has evolved in the last 10+ years. It starts off by exploring coroutines, the yield statement, some third-party libraries like Tornado and Twisted and ends with asyncio and curio.

Roughly half of the time (> 60 minutes) will be devoted to asyncio because it is a relatively new and very exciting technology with not a huge amount of in-depth literature. The rest of the time will be divided between explaining how we got to asyncio (and what everybody was doing before that) and looking at the other “competing” libraries out there.


Time permitting, debugging and profiling tools and strategies will be explored as well. This last point is pretty important since async code can be quite hard to wrap one’s head around. At the same time it is a big topic and would probably need its own separate tutorial…

It is expected that participants know Python but no assumption is made on their ability to write asynchronous code. This will be a live coding experience so bring your laptop and follow along!

in on Wednesday 12 July at 14:00 See schedule

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