EuroPython 2017

Building a distributed system with Python for storing energy in electric cars

Speaker(s) Oz Tiram

At The Mobility House we want to utilize the batteries found in electric cars to store energy from renewable sources and utilize this energy when production can not supply the demand. To do that we are building software which naturally distributed. Each car and a charger are connected at different times and location to a central cloud based software which divides requests for energy consumption, that is charging the car, or energy supply, that is discharging the car. We chose Python for rapidly building the various components of the system running on a variety of systems, from industry grade small servers, through large and powerful rack servers through cloud hosted servers. Python’s rich eco-system of tools and libraries are a true booster for our system, and we would like to talk about our chosen architecture and celebrate the tools we use from saltstack, pika, kombu, bottle and thespian.

in on Wednesday 12 July at 10:30 See schedule

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