EuroPython 2017

Building Microservices with Python and Flask

Speaker(s) Miguel Grinberg

In this tutorial, Miguel Grinberg starts with an introduction to this architecture, including what’s great and not so great about it, and then teaches you how a traditional monolithic application written in Flask can be refactored into a modern distributed system based on microservices.

Microservices rely heavily on good API design, for that reason, attendees need to have some amount of experience developing web applications with Python, in particular web APIs. The examples will all be using Flask, but Flask specific experience is not required, since the concepts apply to other web frameworks as well.

By the end of the class, attendees will have a good understanding of what the microservices architecture is, its benefits and its disadvantages. In the hands-on portion of the class, a complete microservices application will be built, and students will walk away with the application running on their laptops.

in on Tuesday 11 July at 10:15 See schedule

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