EuroPython 2017

Django based Docker Manager for development teams

Speaker(s) Marco Montanari

At Modal Nodes we are developing a tool that enables us to focus on coding and planning and not on devops, having most of Operations transformed into an application. We want to share this tool that can be deployed on your own infrastructure or as a paid SaaS environment with the possibility to connect the swarm installations you are working on and set up a set of shared infrastructures and tools to work with and automate deployment of projects on the swarm infrastructure. We are doing this through an integration with Github and Dockerhub webhooks and triggers as well as a set of automation tools we are developing that enable the development team to focus on coding, be it in python/django, be it in nodejs, be it in php. The platform enables a team or a single developer to define programming templates for the single services set up and from there to build whole stacks of containers in a standardized fashion, without the hassle of complex configuration files (that can easily be re-generated anyway).

in on Wednesday 12 July at 10:30 See schedule

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