EuroPython 2017

Django, Django Rest Framework and Angular2: RAD on SaaS platforms

Speaker(s) Marco Montanari

Rapid Application Development has been a major topic for the desktop development world. Yet, desktop development has proven to be at the end of its timeline and the latest major environment is now the web in its many forms (from browser to Electron and similars). Django offers an amazing infrastructure and Django Rest Framework an amazing middleware to solve most of the problems. The RAD development on Angular2 is then enabled by a set of libraries developed at Modal Nodes for both front and backend that ease the development of the front end tools and front end interactions with both unauthenticated and authenticated systems via JWT and Djoser. Specifically, we will see the changes in the metadata that will enable better interactions and the usage of both the backend elements and the front-end ones in order to ease development.

in on Monday 10 July at 15:45 See schedule

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