EuroPython 2017

Django Rest Framework, one year after: tips, tools, tricks and pitfalls.

Speaker(s) Alejandro Castillo

One year ago we started OnTruck. Our CTO had previously had some success with DRF so after discussing it, we decided to give it a try. After a year building a quickly iterating startup on top of Django Rest Framework, we have reflected a lot on it. Even now, with a full year of development on top of it, we still periodically discuss going forward or dropping it. For the time being it still wins. So we think we have learned a lot about it. This talk is a walkthrough of the discoveries & learnings we have made at OnTruck during that year. We will cover different aspects of the framework, what advantages it has given us and also what tradeoffs it has forced. We will discuss both how it relates to Django on the inside and how it relates with other systems outside. We will approach it both from a purely user perspective and also discuss some of its internals and the way we tweaked them to make it work for us. We will cover the pitfalls we have both avoided and fallen into. The tricks that have helped us keep our speed and sanity. The tools we have both used and discarded on the way. And finally the tips we would give ourselves if we were starting all over again after this year.

in on Monday 10 July at 12:10 See schedule

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