EuroPython 2017

From an old-school data managing company to data analytics with Python

Sub Community: PyData

Our mission is to manage a huge amount of communication and document data in large scale industry projects by providing web based project management systems. The increasing amount of communication creates the desire for a GPS helping us and our customers to navigate through the communication stream. Our R&D projects are focusing on topics like clustering, event detection, and network analysis (Who knows who, domain experts).

Traveling the wild side of NLP, Data Science, and Analytics, we stumbled across amazing Python tools supporting us in our goal to navigate the project communication and therefor supporting our clients in Project & Risk Management avoiding wrong turns. We would like to share some of our approaches to answer our research topics and challenges:

One of the challenges, amongst others, is to utilize and adapt up to date clustering algorithms for social stream data and to expose them as reentrant services. Another one is to tailor them for the current application domain, improving clustering precision by parametrization and other means. Furthermore the integration of a Python based analytics system into an existing JAVA based application environment and eco system is required.

In addition, we would also like to share some of our “traffic jams” experienced during our travel starting as traditional Java/SQL focusing company that integrated Python into its development portfolio.

in on Friday 14 July at 14:35 See schedule

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