EuroPython 2017

How Facebook uses Python to build (and operate) datacenters at scale

Speaker(s) Nikola Đipanov

With 4 datacenters on-line and more coming fast, building and operating datacenter buildings becomes a problem we need to solve at scale. At Facebook, Several teams of Production Engineers write the software that helps us do this efficiently, and we use Python… a lot.

In this talk, I will go into some detail about only some of problems we try to solve to make sure our datacenters come online on time so that we can make sure you can connect with all your friends on Facebook, and keep them humming, as efficiently as possible.

We’ll go into some detail about the awesome Python infrastructure (some of it open source), that we use to build this software, and some of the engineering practices.

This is a talk for you if you were wondering how to track each and every strand of fiber cabling within a datacenter, or make sure we find out that the cooling system isn’t really doing it’s thing before actual servers catch fire from serving you live videos.

in on Tuesday 11 July at 14:00 See schedule

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