EuroPython 2017

Launch your application into the cloud

Speaker(s) Daniele Procida

Important: Please follow the installation steps well before the workshop!

This workshop (led by an experienced trainer, and supported by high-quality documentation and materials) will take you step-by-step through a meaningful, practical project, using Docker locally on your own computer and in the cloud.

All the skills and involved are transferable. You’ll become familiar with key Docker commands, tools and concepts.

Docker skills

You’ll learn how Docker’s pieces connect together, by using it on the desktop for development, and working with configuration and tools that lead to a real-world deployment of your efforts.

You can’t become a Docker expert in just a few hours, but you can become a confident and competent user.

Divio Cloud addon packaging

In the workshop, you will package a Python/Django application as a Divio Cloud addon.

The Divio Cloud provides a platform and showcase for Python/Django developers to make their applications available to a wider audience - including users who’ll never clone a GitHub repository or pip install a package.

Whether you’re primarily interested in learning to use Docker with confidence or in packaging Python/Django applications for a wider and non-technical audience, this workshop will give you valuable practical technical skills.

in on Wednesday 12 July at 10:15 See schedule

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