EuroPython 2017

Native Python iOS apps

Speaker(s) Dima Tisnek

Feeling outflanked by ES6? Get back at them by writing mobile apps in Python.

Thanks to Pybee/Russel KM, you can, and I’ll show you now.


The objective is to [learn to] write an app in Python using native iOS UI. Training will cover the Python / Objective-C bridge, how to create and use objc objects from Python, how to implement objc protocol as Python classes, as well as working around limitations of having 2 independent garbage collectors (objc and py runtimes).


  • blank app that doesn’t crash
  • delegates, window, views
  • containers and data sources
  • use components built in XCode interface builder
  • transitions, bells and whistles
  • save and restore app state


After this training you’ll have a simple working iOS app, ready to start beta-testing!

Those who want to look at the code in advance will find it here:

in on Tuesday 11 July at 14:00 See schedule


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    Attendees must install XCode and Simulator in advance, thus:
    * attendees should have Macs / Apple hardware (hacks may vary).
    * XCode download is 5GB (no chance to download during the talk).

    Looking forward to seeing you at the training!
    — Dima Tisnek,

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