EuroPython 2017

Writing Awesome PyPI packages in Python

Speaker(s) Magdalena Rother

One of the strengths of the Python programming language is the huge base of Open Source libraries. The PyPI (Python Package Index) repository provides currently 105,917 packages, many of them developed actively by contributors.

This talk is a tour through various tools and practices, which help to keep your package in a good state for your users and make it easier for other developers to contribute. One can find these practices in projects of different size, such as Django (24,244 commits, 1,397 contributors) Pandas (15,005 commits, 754 contributors) and Faker (20 commits, 3 contributors).

Some things to consider when creating your own package:

  • using a Makefile for automatic testing, coverage analysis and environment setup.
  • structuring your .gitignore file.
  • using pyenv and .python-version for Python version management.
  • using tox to ascertain that code is working in different environments.
  • squashing different configuration files to a single setup.cfg file.
  • using EditorConfig and .editorconfig to automatically set project coding standards in the editor.

in on Friday 14 July at 15:45 See schedule

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