EuroPython 2017

EuroPython 2017 Sessions

We will publish a complete set of planned sessions for EuroPython 2017 conference on this page, again with more than 200 sessions in total.

We are currently listing the first batch of accepted sessions. More will follow in the coming days.


  • Tracy Osborn - The Different Roads We Take
  • Jan Willem Tulp - How to create inspiring data visualizations?
  • Armin Ronacher - A Python for Future Generations
  • Katharine Jarmul - If Ethics is not None [PyData]
  • one more to be announced - stay tuned...


Training sessions

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Help desks

Help desks provide slots for attendees to discuss their problems one-on-one with experts from the projects.

EuroPython sessions

The EuroPython sessions are intended for anyone interested in helping with the EuroPython organization in the coming years.